TradeGuider VSA Symposium - London

TradeGuider VSA Symposium - London

TradeGuider VSA Symposium - London
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Hear & see Tom Williams: Professional Syndicate Trader and Inventor of Volume Spread Analysis at the London Symposium recorded on the 26th and 27th April 2008. The DVD Set contains over 15 hours of uniquely valuable educational insight into trading the markets alongside the "Smart Money". 

The presentation also contains the 3 follow-on Live online trading sessions where the knowledge learned was put to the test trading the live market with real cash.

Tom, together with Gavin Holmes, CEO of TradeGuider Systems, Dr Mike Elvin - full time trader and expert in the Psychology of Trading and Professional Trader and VSA Expert Sebastian Manby, they will present the definitive guide to VSA and how to trade successfully with the "Smart Money"

During the Event Tom shared 4 new hot VSA rules!
Here are just some of the many things you will learn in the DVD Set:
Gain a valuable In depth understanding of professional trading syndicates 
Identify the tricks the market makers play to catch you out 
Think and trade like a predator, not the prey!
How to use VSA Strategies Successfully in your Trading
How to trade in harmony with the "Smart Money"
How Volume Spread Analysis will support Technical and Fundamental Analysis.
Strategies for Keeping Winners for Longer
Strategies for Cutting Losers Sooner
How a professional Trader Decides What to Trade and How Long For - LIVE Trading Session Included! 
How to identify high probability trade set ups using VSA as your guide

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