The Money Tree by Larry Williams

The Money Tree by Larry Williams
About Larry Williams
Larry Williams is an outstanding commodities trader who has 30 years of trading experience. Most notably he has won the Robbins World Cup of Championship of Futures Trading, turning $10,000 in his kitty into $1,147,000 in one year! In addition, he has also served on the Board of the National Futures Association and has had many articles written about him by Barrons, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Money, Fortune, and many others. More importantly, he’s the best teacher when it comes to teaching others the fundamentals and advanced techniques of the commodities market. He is the "real deal"
About The Money Tree Course
The Money Tree Course is an excellent home study course that teaches individuals how to trade futures in the commodities market
Larry will teach you
How to tell when the market super-powers are expecting a major price shift. How to see in two seconds what they are doing in their own accounts
How to catch a ride on seasonal indicators. A few of them have a 20-year accuracy record of nearly 100%
How to find your own trading style that you'll feel 100% at ease with. When to enter a trade. And when to get out for maximum profits
How you can usually tell in advance which way a "sideways" market is going to break (up or down)
How and when the price of a plane ticket and a fancy dinner will repay you 1,000 to 1
Four indicators /techniques that will bring you automatic winnings over 80% of the time
The two distinct types of bull markets, and how you should play them differently for the highest profits
How you can easily avoid the expensive mistakes made by even the most skilled traders
How much to pay your broker for a trade (most beginners pay way too much)
How one of my pet formulas will often show you several days in advance which way a market will go (even when it's rapidly moving the other direction at the moment!)
Why MOC, the initials for the trading term "market on close," should really stand for "murder on close" -How to make up your mind when faced with messy data
Why you shouldn't waste a lot of time trying to analyze the many cycles supposedly hidden in roller-coaster price charts ... and why you should learn about the two cycles that really matter (the obvious ones that hardly anyone ever talks about!)
Why you should never ask the question, "How did my contract do since yesterday's close?"
Why my most famous indicator of all time is, I'm afraid to say, overrated. (It's worked great for thirty years, but not for all the things people claim it does.)
What crucial fact you must know about Fridays and Mondays
Why you should absolutely avoid becoming a devoted follower of some guy who is this month's hottest name in trading
Why exit signals are way more important than entry signals... even though most traders spend most of their time on entry signals!
How to make money even when you're wrong. This is just a general sampling. You'll find much more in "The Money Tree: The Williams Way to Wealth

Indicators and Studies offered in the Money Tree Package :
  • Market Sentiment
  • Commitments of Traders
  • Commercial Position Index
  • DMI (Adx-Adxr)
  • Stochastics (Fast & Slow)
  • Spreads
  • RSI relative strength
  • Moving Averages
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Williams %R
  • Target Shooter
  • Zero Balance
  • Swing Points
  • Trend Lines
  • MACD
  • ASCII Format Conversion
  • Build Continuous Contracts
  • Omega Paste Conversion
  • Next Bar Forcast
  • Rate Change Momentum
  • Williams Accumu- lation/Distribution
  • Total Volume & Open Int
  • Contract Volume & Open Int.
  • Ultimate Oscillator
  • Patterns for Profits (Auto highlighting of the powerful patterns taught in the 800 Book)
  • Pattern Scan (Auto searches for any new patterns)
  • Seasonal Extractor (Trended and Detrended Seasonals on Daily, Weekly, Monthly Charts)

Commodities offered: 
Orange Juice
Sugar, #14
Australian Dollar
Brazilian Real
British Pound
Canadian Dollar
Deutsche Mark
Japanese Yen
Mexican Peso
Swiss Franc
Gold, Comex
Silver, Comex
Stock Mkt/Indexes
Dow Jones Futures
Nasdaq 100 Futures
Nikkei 225 Futures
NYSE Index
Russell 2000 Index
S&P 400 Futures
S&P 500 Futures
S&P 500 Mini Futures
S&P Growth Index
S&P Value Index
Cattle, Feeder
Cattle, Live
Lean Hogs
Pork Bellies
Rough Rice
Soybean Oil
Soybean Meal
Wheat, CBT
Wheat, Kansas City
Wheat, Minn
Federal Funds
One Month Libor Rate
Mini Value Line
Muni Bonds
TBonds, Combined
TBonds, Mid-Am
2 YR T-Notes
5 YR T-Notes
10 YR T-Notes, Combined
10 YR T-Notes
Crude Oil
Electricity Futures
(CA-OR Border)
Electricity Futures
(Palo Verde)
Heating Oil
Natural Gas
Unleaded Gas


The Practical Fractal Video - Bill Williams

Learn how to analyze
any market in
10 seconds or less

If you’re often confused by the behavior of the markets, you won’t wantto miss this incredible video. Veteran trader Bill Williams reveals thePractical Fractal, a scientific analytical method that’s winning wideacclaim from the trading community. After explaining what a fractal isand showing you how to use it to enhance your profit potential, Billshows you how to use chaos to quickly determine market direction andentry and exit points.


1. Beginning
2. I Guarantee It
3. Top 10%
4. What Is the Market?
5. In Tune with the Market
6. Technical Analysis Does Not Work
7. Einstein
8. Chaos
9. 4 Biggest Movers
10. What Moves the Market
11. Fractals
12. Key Fractal Formations
13. The Holy Grail
14. Spreads
15. Euro Dollar Spreads
16. The Key to Trading
17. Stops
18. Do Not Read the News
19. The Fish Test
20. Ten Trading Rules
21. Testimonials
22. Final Word

About The Expert
Bill Williams is president of Profitunity Trading Group in Texas City,Texas. He has more than 35 years of active trading and teachingexperience, and he actively trades both stocks and commodities. He isthe author of the book, Trading Chaos and Trading the Stock MarketUsing the Science of Chaos, Fractal and No-Linear Dynamics

Mark Douglas Mind Over Market Video

Mark Douglas Mind Over Market Video

interview with Mark Douglas, discussing the probabilistic nature of the markets and the mindset challenges that prevent many of us from achieving consistent results.

Secrets to Becoming a Samurai Trader - Steve Nison

Secrets to Becoming a Samurai Trader - Steve Nison

Here's Exactly What You'll Discover When You Get Your Own Copy Of
“Secrets to Becoming a Samurai Trader”

Steve Nison will guide you step by step through nearly 250 charts to illustrate all of the valuable topics we'll learn below.
"Secrets to Becoming a Samurai Trader" does not include Forex charts, but with the expertise you'll gain through "Profiting in Forex" you'll be able to use all of these advanced techniques in your FX trading.

All the charts shown in the video workshop are downloadable from a secret link you'll receive at the CandleCharts.com web site. And, to boost your learning experience each chart is numbered both on the video and handout so you'll always know which one is being explained.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to get personalized instruction in the convenience of your own home.

You’ll get all of the tips, tricks, methods, secrets, techniques, and strategies I teach in my regular live advanced training session including:
Trading Tactics, Tips, and Strategies
Ten critical “Nison Trading Principles”
The one rule every trader ignores at their own peril 
When to buy on the open 
Obtaining price targets
When to exit a position
The importance of trend
Short selling strategies
Phantom support or resistance
Placing stops
Becoming a Market Chameleon
Using intraday candle signals to get trading signals not available on daily charts
Discover why and how candle patterns should be traded differently on intraday charts
When to pull the trigger on an intraday trade
How intraday charts can help you avoid prematurely buying or selling 
The Three Cs of Money Management

New Refinements and Enhancements for High Success Trading with Candlestick Charts
Uses and misuses of the doji
When the doji is not a bearish signal
New tactics for engulfing patterns
Candle patterns as support or resistance
Using candle lines to forecast the direction of a breakout in a lateral market
Detailed analysis of the blended candle
How traders misuse the tweezers pattern
Last engulfing pattern
Using large and small windows
Fry pan bottoms and dumpling tops
Three windows
Island tops and bottoms
High price gapping play
Gapping doji
Record sessions
Three advancing soldiers
Three black crows
Rising and falling three methods
Open above and open below the stomach
The counter attack pattern
Using the shape of the candle line to show likelihood of a turn from support or resistance
The P.R.O.F.I.T.S methodology
Visual tests on over 20 extra charts tests your ability to accurately analyze and interpret candlestick signals



How I made my first million : 26 self-made millionaires reveal the secrets to their success

How I made my first million : 26 self-made millionaires reveal the secrets to their success

How I made my first million : 26 self-made millionaires reveal the secrets to their success
Nick Gardner | 2010 | ISBN: 1741759056 | 538 pages | PDF | 2 MB

Nick Gardner has gathered a collection of inspirational stories of ordinary people who took a great idea and turned it into a hugely successful business.Learn how the founders of enormously profitable enterprises like Just Cuts, Aussie Home Loans, ModelCo, Elite Introductions, Fat Prophets, EcoStore and fastflowers.com took a great idea and turned it into a highly lucrative business. Discover what drove them forward, the risks they took, and how they've managed to keep their businesses going through the inevitable ups and downs.
More than just a collection of inspirational stories, the wisdom and experience shared here might just be the catalyst you need to turn a great idea into your own million-dollar enterprise.


by Tom Alexander

This is the first and only book that brings the Market Profile™ concept up to date from the CBOT Market Profile™ manual of the 1980’s to the present. Tom Alexander wrote this book in response to the consistent complaint of traders that while they really thought the concept was sound, they simply could not find a coherent single source that synthesized the various schools of thought into what is valid and what is not, and how to practically apply it.
This book goes beyond the original J. Peter Steidlmayer and Jim Dalton books and provides examples of actionable trading strategies using Market Profile™ and Auction Market principles.
The response to the book from traders all over the world has been quite remarkable and universally positive. The book is presently in its second printing.