The Practical Fractal Video - Bill Williams

Learn how to analyze
any market in
10 seconds or less

If you’re often confused by the behavior of the markets, you won’t wantto miss this incredible video. Veteran trader Bill Williams reveals thePractical Fractal, a scientific analytical method that’s winning wideacclaim from the trading community. After explaining what a fractal isand showing you how to use it to enhance your profit potential, Billshows you how to use chaos to quickly determine market direction andentry and exit points.


1. Beginning
2. I Guarantee It
3. Top 10%
4. What Is the Market?
5. In Tune with the Market
6. Technical Analysis Does Not Work
7. Einstein
8. Chaos
9. 4 Biggest Movers
10. What Moves the Market
11. Fractals
12. Key Fractal Formations
13. The Holy Grail
14. Spreads
15. Euro Dollar Spreads
16. The Key to Trading
17. Stops
18. Do Not Read the News
19. The Fish Test
20. Ten Trading Rules
21. Testimonials
22. Final Word

About The Expert
Bill Williams is president of Profitunity Trading Group in Texas City,Texas. He has more than 35 years of active trading and teachingexperience, and he actively trades both stocks and commodities. He isthe author of the book, Trading Chaos and Trading the Stock MarketUsing the Science of Chaos, Fractal and No-Linear Dynamics

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