Squeeze The Market by Markay Latimer

Squeeze The Market by Markay Latimer

Squeeze The Market by Markay Latimer
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In this DVD set Markay introduces you to advanced Bollinger Band concepts. You will learn little known secrets that will enable you to get tighter Bollinger Band signals resulting in more profitable trades. Markay will also show you how to use Bollinger Bands on intraday charts so that you can fine tune your entries and exits. As every trader knows, correctly timing when to get into and when to get out of a trade is the true key to increased profits.

Use Bollinger bands to pull profits out of the market every three to five days
Improve your trading results by trading low volatility break-outs
New, faster Bollinger Band settings that pinpoint a move earlier than most indicators
Learn to use Bollinger bands on intraday charts to fine tune your entries and exits

Markay Latimer had no specialized financial training when she began to investigate the stock market.
Markay Latimer had graduated from Brigham Young University and was beginning her career in public relations and marketing when she realized that her occupation would not provide the type of life she had planned for. She saw her job as one that would require a lot of hard hours of work on someone else’s schedule and not provide the sort of paycheck that she had hoped to attain. She began to look for other ways to bring in additional income.

It wasn’t long before Markay saw an advertisement to learn to use the stock market to make extra money. She attended the class and began learning everything she could about how the market works and how it can be used to create wealth. She took the information that was taught, did a lot of reading and study and began to practice with past charts. Soon she was ready to dive in and put her money at stake.

Markay pooled her money with some family members and began with a modest trading account. She wisely divided her money into four portions and was careful not to invest too much of her account in any one sector. She began to make steady gains with momentum and trend trades, as a result of her education, her resolve and her willingness to stay in trades when others might be ready to bail out. Markay learned to recognize the importance of price patterns and indicators and she shares that knowledge and experience with her students.

Markay’s simple-to-understand instruction has enabled individuals to learn from her experience as a trend and momentum trader. She teaches students to keep things simple; although she knows many strategies, Markay only buys calls and puts in her personal account.

Markay can help students see what’s going on the overall markets, learn to use the power and potential of Bollinger Bands, focus on technical analysis, and learn how to get up to speed on patterns, charts, and entries and exits.

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