Russell Sands - Turtle Trading Concepts (5 DVD)

Russell Sands - Turtle Trading Concepts (5 DVD)

Russell Sands - Turtle Trading Concepts (5 DVD) | 4.95 GB
The "Turtle" trading program started by Richard Dennis is, by any measure, one of the greatest success stories in the entire history of trading.

Here's a brief background: Richard Dennis was a successful (he turned a $400 family loan into $200 million!) Chicago trader and money manager who firmly believed that successful trading methods could be taught. His partner disagreed. Dennis then went out and recruited 14 people -(Report to Staff) some of whom had NO trading experience -(Report to Staff) and taught them his trading methods. He called them his "Turtles" and, after a brief training period, they went on to become masters of the markets.

By one estimate, the Turtles made Richard Dennis over $200 million in profits, while earning $35 million for themselves. But that was then and this is now. What have they done lately?

Still Hugely Successful

In 1989, a (soon to become famous and often quoted) article was written by Stanley Angrist in the Wall Street Journal, pointing out that the Turtles as a group for the past five years (meaning 1984-1989) had earned $35 million dollars for themselves, as their percentage of the $175 million they made for their employer (Richard Dennis). The author thought that was a lot of money back then, and really spoke to superior performance by these young traders, compared to all the rest of the financial industry. Was this just a few years of lucky trading, or would this famous 'experiment' continue to stand the test of time ? Now fast forward twenty years later. It is early 2009, and according to Autumn Gold, an independent rating service of money managers, the six largest members (as measured by assets under management), of the famous Turtles group of traders, currently manage over two billion dollars of customer money, and in calendar year 2008, they earned over five hundred million dollars in profits for themselves and their clients. These traders posted an average of about +25 % annual return, in a year when the overall stock market (as measured by the Dow Jones) had losses of over -30% !! That's pretty good if you ask me. And guess what ? Russell Sands and his Raintree Futures Inc. management firm posted a +29.52% return for 2008, in other words, at least for last year, Russell beat the best of the best !!

Russell Sands Is The Only "Original Turtle" Teaching These Methods

It's true. Because of an obscure clause in his original agreement , Russell Sands is the only one of the Turtles now free to teach these methods. Which means you are not only getting this information from the original source (Report to Staff) you're getting it from the ONLY source!

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