Peter Bain - Best Of AM Review Volume 1

Peter Bain - Best Of AM Review Volume 1

The Forexmentor daily AM Video Review made its debut
back in December, 2004. At the time, we were looking for an
effective means to continue mentoring our students following
the completion of their home-study course.
Over the past 6 months, the AM Review has evolved into a
full-blown daily video mentoring session thanks to the
feedback and contributions from our members and the
Forexmentor Team. For me, the AM Review has been a
labour of love. I am very pleased to see how the AM Review is
being used to reinforce good trading practices and to improve
the confidence of new and experienced traders.
As you may have gathered, the amount of information in the
AM Review archive has reached a staggering proportion.
Many of you have told us that it has become increasingly
difficult and time consuming to navigate and locate the
information you need. Some of you also find it inconvenient to
have to wait for each of the video segments to be streamed to
your PC.

Well, keep reading as I have some excellent news for

The Forexmentor team has recently finished compiling a set
of Video CDs called the Best of AM Reviews.

Sample Navigation
Currency Trading CD Course by Trader Coach Peter Bain

Our team went through each and every module published in
the past 6 months and extracted relevant modules and
organized them into topical categories. This makes it much
easier for you to locate the topics you are looking for and
allows you to study any time without delay.
Simply insert the CDs and view one of hundreds of modules,
each organized under special topics:

Pivot Points
Top-Down Trading
Price Projections
Bar Patterns
Chart Patterns
MACD Divergence
Commitments of Traders
Risk Management
Position Trading
Trading Examples
Member Contributions
Advanced Concepts
and much, much more….

In a recent membership survey, 90% of our active members
rated the AM Review high marks. 94% reported that it has
greatly improved their trading results. If you like the AM
Review, you will love the convenience of the Best of AM Review
CD Series.

As a bonus, we have also included the entire online Video
Library modules on 2 bonus cd set. You will now be able to get
instant access to dozens of professionally prepared modules
by traders Joe Cheung and Rick Kraai.
In total, you will receive 6 CDs packed with hundreds of
educational modules. If you are serious about improving your
trading career, this CD set is invaluable.

Thank you for your attention and good trading,

Peter R. Bain


Disk 1
» The Basics
» My System in a Nutshell
» Bar Patterns
» Chart Formations
» Pivots
» Top Down Trading
» M-Levels Explained
Disk 2
» MACD (part 1)
» MACD (part 2)
» Trendlines (part 1)
» Trendlines (part 2)
» Moving Averages
» Position Trading
» Trading Times
» Risk Management
» Working with News
» Useful Trading Resources
» Examples of Great Trades!
» Advanced Concepts
Disk 3
» Price Projections (part 1)
» Price Projections (part 2)
» Price Projections (part 3)
» COT (part 1)
» COT (part 2)
Disk 4
» Trading Examples (part 1)
» Trading Examples (part 2)
» Trading Examples (part 3)
Bonus Disk 5 (bonus library)
» Pivot Calculations
» Pivot Timeframes
» MACD Divergence Tutorial
» TD Trendline Tutorial
» TD Price Projection Tutorial
» Nison Price Projections
» Price Reversal
Disk 6 (bonus library)
» Trendline Examples
» TD Price Projection Examples
» "Working on it" Series

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