From: The Trading Desk of Peter R. Bain
Updated: Nov. 8, 2005
Re: Volume II of The Best of AM Reviews Now Available to

Dear Forexmentor Member,
We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Volume 2 of the Best
of AM Reviews (AMR) to our members for a limited time. This latest release
contains the best of video tutorials from Peter Bain's daily AM Review from:
June to Oct of 2005
Get dozens of brand new,
practical trading ideas you can
use immediately to become a
more confident and consistent

Currency traders of all
experience levels will enjoy and
appreciate the detailed and
concised explanation from Peter
on all aspects of trading the
currency markets.
Learn instantly from real trading situtions. Watching how Peter and other
fellow traders approach each and every trading situation. Listen to advanced
and special topics not covered in the course. Access these incredible videos
and tutorials at your finger tips. No Internet connection or delay. Watch them
any time from your laptop at any time as often as you like. Get instant access to
the topic you are looking for.Over 130 modules arranged in 22 catagories.
The Forexmentor daily AM Video Review made its debut back in
December, 2004. Over the past year, the AM Review has evolved into a
full-blown daily video mentoring resource thanks to the feedback and
contributions from our members and the Forexmentor Team. For me, the AM
Review has been a labour of love. I am very pleased to see how the AM Review
is being used to reinforce good trading practices and to improve the
confidence of new and experienced traders.

As you may have gathered, the amount of information in the AM Review
archive has reached a staggering proportion. Many of you have told us that it
has become increasingly difficult and time consuming to navigate and locate
the information you need. Some of you also find it inconvenient to have to wait
for each of the video segments to be streamed to your PC.
Our team created the Best of AM Reviews by going through each and every
module published and extracted relevant modules and organized them into
topical categories. This makes it much easier for you to locate the topics you are
looking for and allows you to study any time without delay.
Simply insert the CDs and view one of hundreds of modules, each organized
under special topics:

Pivot Points
Price Direction
Candle Patterns
Conceptual Lines
MACD Divergence
Momentum Trading
Commitments of Traders (COT)
Elliott Wave
20 Pips a Day
Position Trading
Trading Examples
Member Contributions
Advanced Concepts
and much, much more….

Disk 1
» Trading Basics
» Daily Trading Range
» Leverage Basics
» Trading Types
» Stops Explained
» Order Types
» Trading Strategies
» Trend Analysis
» Time
» Auxiliary Charts
Disk 2
» Pivot Points
» Pivot Rules
» Price Direction
» M-Levels
» MACD-Divergence
» TD Trendlines
» Candle Patterns
» Chart Patterns
» C.O.T.
Disk 3
» Conceptual Line
» Using EMA
» Stochastics
» Moving Averages
» Stochastics
» Scalping
» Making 20 Pips a Day
» 20 Pips a Day Examples
» Miscellaneous
Disk 4
» MMTS Back-Testing
» RSI Applicaitons
» Elliott Wave
» Position Trading
» Stochastics
» Multiple Moving Averages
» Position Trading
» $1700 Example
» Confluence of 5 Events
» MACD Neutralization
» MACD Divergence