Risk, Stop Loss and Position Size

Risk, Stop Loss and Position Size


Trading is about the management of risk. But the failure rate among traders and investors suggests that many do not fully understand the concept of risk. This presentation by Daryl Guppy tackles risk head-on by showing traders and investors how to identify the risk component in each trade. Guppy walks you through the financial calculations and then shows you how to match these calculations with chart-based analysis.This is the key to trading high reward opportunities with low risk and is also the essential foundation for the most effective techniques in setting stop loss points. These calculations can provide a solution for position sizing, which can more precisely control risk 

Guppy shows you how to choose between competing trade opportunities by applying risk / reward ratio analysis to select trades with a higher probability of success. Using a series of actual trades, he shows how money management improves results without the need to increase the number of profitable trades. Risk calculation spreadsheet templates are included. 

Additional topics include: 

* Learn how risk is really measured 
* Why high reward does not have to mean high risk 
* Learn why investors must apply risk management concepts 
* Match financial risk with chart-based risk 
* Set better stop loss points 
* Use risk / reward ratios to select better trades 
* Improve trading performance with money management 

Use Better Trading by Daryl Guppy as an additional reference

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