Elliott Wave Forex Course by Jody Samuels

Elliott Wave Forex Course by Jody Samuels
The Elliott Wave Course offers a high degree of hands-on involvement as well as scheduling flexibility for busy people. Each individual can customize their own schedule by viewing the online ‘Flash multimedia presentations; accessible 24 hours a day. Students are welcome and encouraged to review the multimedia learning modules multiple times to reinforce their education.

All essential aspects of trading the Elliott Wave are covered including background theory, mathematical application, pattern recognition, and projections and targets. The course consists of approximately 3.5 hours of self-paced instructional material.

The scope of subjects covered includes:

Elliott Basics

* Foundation of Elliott Wave Theory
* Basic Wave Patterns
* Wave Characteristics
* Introduction to Mathematical Applications
* Three Essential Rules
* Labeling of Waves
* Quiz

Impulsive Wave Patterns

* Impulsive Wave Structure
* Impulse and Diagonal Wave Characteristics
* Rules and Guidelines of Impulsive Waves
* Mathematical Applications
* Projections and Targets
* Determining the End of a Trend
* Reversal Patterns

Corrective Wave Patterns

* Corrective Wave Structure
* Characteristics of Zigzags, Flats, Triangles, and Combinations
* Rules and Guidelines of Corrective Waves
* Mathematical Applications
* Projections and Targets
* Continuation Patterns

Putting It All Together

* Rules, Patterns, and Probabilities
* The Elliott Wave Trading Map
* Multiple Time Frame Analysis
* Daily Trading Journal



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